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The Duty of Care Owed Thanks to Premises Liability

Premises liability issues often lead to lawsuits that involve a negligent property owner. This owner has failed to upkeep the environment of their premises. In cases where you, the victim, have sustained serious injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, it is important to obtain legal representation as soon as is possible in order to recover the compensation that you are due.

Be aware of the steps you must take to help reinforce your case of reimbursement. Document everything and keep copies as well. The more thorough you are on details of the incident and of keeping records of it, the likeliness of receiving your settlement becomes higher.

Steps to Follow if Injured on Another Property

If you’ve sustained injuries while on another’s property, do the following to assure you get the settlement you deserve:

  • Seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not see any outward injuries. If the incident is serious enough, there’s the possibility that you could have sustained internal injuries.
  • Photograph the scene as soon as you are able to. It is important to capture all the dangerous conditions that led to the injury.
  • Gather information on those present at the time and of the property owner, and preserve clothing evidence.
  • If a business: file an incident report with the owner, then file a police report
  • If personal property: simply file a police report.
  • Keep all records documenting your medical expenses and your lost wages, there’s a possibility of being reimbursed for it.
  • Do not sign any documents presented to you by the property owner or the insurance company without consulting an attorney.

Avoid Liability as both a Property Owner and a Visitor

If you are a property owner, you have a responsibility to safely maintain your property. To ascertain that there are no accidental injuries or damages whilst on your property, it is important to make sure you are up to code. In the case of an accident occurring on your property, there are umbrella policies set in place to help your case.

Be mindful that as a property owner, you are liable for everyone and anyone who enters your premises. This means that you could be responsible for anything from ice on the sidewalks, to an employee attacking a customer.

If you are visiting a property, please tread carefully. To refrain from injury, there are easy steps:

  • Remain aware of your surroundings.
  • If it looks unsafe, chances are it is unsafe.
  • Make a note of dangerous looking conditions. Report it later to the property owner
  • In general, if an area seems unsafe to you, then do not enter its premises until the hazards have been removed.

Premises Liability Representation in Clermont, Florida

The Scoma Law Firm is dedicated to helping victims who have been seriously injured as a result of the negligence of property owners when maintaining a safe environment. We work hard to earn each and every client compensation. In the event of injuries sustained on another’s property, please contact us online or call at 352-432-1246 or at 407-544-3499.

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