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Pedestrian Deaths in Florida

The Orlando Sentinel called Central Florida the riskiest place in America to be a pedestrian, a place in which so many pedestrians – about 850 each year – are struck by vehicles and either killed or seriously injured each year that the “roads run red with pedestrian blood.”

If you or your loved one has been hit by a motor vehicle on Florida’s roadways, one of our experienced personal injury attorneys in Clermont can help. Our attorneys also fight to obtain justice for pedestrians killed by negligent drivers and have handled many wrongful death cases.

Pedestrian Accident Facts in Central Florida

Even when population is taken into account, the state of Florida still comes out the most dangerous place for pedestrians, with Miami ranking first in per-capita pedestrian crashes and deaths, followed by Orlando in second place.

The great weather, which lends itself to hiking, walking, and biking near and along Florida roadways, surely plays a part in the high number of pedestrians hurt or killed. Of the 850 pedestrians struck, as many as 70 die and 150 suffer so-called incapacitating injuries.

Pedestrian Death Rate Drops in Florida

Since the Orlando Sentinel’s investigative piece covering pedestrian deaths in 2013, the state has made great strides in reducing pedestrian crashes and deaths. While the state still leads in number of pedestrian deaths, the total number of pedestrian deaths has decreased about 4 percent between the years of 2014 and 2015, according to a report put out in March of this year by the Governors Highway Safety Association.

The downward swing in number of pedestrian deaths in Florida bucks the nationwide trend, which shows pedestrian fatalities increasing steadily, accounting for about 15 percent of all traffic deaths. Despite improvements in pedestrian safety in Florida, the state continues to see its share of pedestrian deaths and severe injuries.

While no amount of monetary damages can restore your health after a pedestrian accident or bring back your loved one who was killed as a pedestrian, one of our experienced personal injury attorneys or wrongful death lawyers in and around Lake County can help you seek the compensation you need to pay your medical bills, or to cover the funeral and burial costs for your deceased loved one.

Comparative Negligence Law in Florida

Even if you believe your actions as a pedestrian contributed to causing your accident, the state of Florida does not bar recovery for victims who may be partially responsible for their own injuries. Your personal injury attorney who deals with pedestrian cases can examine the details of your accident and determine which parties bear fault for causing the pedestrian crash and to what degree, if any, your monetary damages award might be proportionately reduced.

Consult an Experienced Pedestrian Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney in Clermont

The Scoma Law Firm has significant experience representing injured pedestrians and the families of pedestrians killed by negligent drivers. Our compassionate Clermont attorneys can guide you through the process of holding the party who caused the pedestrian’s injuries or death accountable for their harmful conduct.

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