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Motorcycle Riding by the Numbers


Is there anything cooler than being a motorcyclist? Some claim that the inherent “cool” of being a biker trumps all of the other reasons people choose motorcycles as their mode of transport. Even so, there are lots of reasons people opt for motorcycles over more traditional vehicles. Some claim it is the easiest way to “clear their head.” For sure, the commute is fun, and easy on a bike. The environmental impact is small, the weight of your vehicle is less impactful on roads, and the ride is bound to be cheaper than it would be in a car. And here’s a bonus some riders might not be aware of: you burn more calories on a motorcycle than behind the wheel of a car.

With all the benefits of biking, it’s a wonder more people don’t choose motorcycles, right!

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

On the other hand, motorcyclists face some challenges others on the road do not. Consider the motorcycle commute, by the numbers:

  • 4 million: The number of motorcycles on the road in 2014;
  • 27: The factor by which you multiply vehicle fatality rates to arrive at the number of motorcycle deaths every year;
  • 37: The percentage of effectiveness provided by helmets in preventing motorcycle deaths;
  • 67: The percentage of effectiveness provided by helmets in preventing brain injuries;
  • 19: The number of states mandating helmet use by all motorcyclists (Florida law does not require the use of a helmet in riders over age 21);
  • 4,976: The number of motorcycle fatalities in 2015;
  • 88,000: The number of motorcycle injuries in 2015;
  • 75: The percentage of motorcycle accidents involving at least one other vehicle;
  • 66: The percentage of motorcycle/vehicle accidents caused by right-of-way violations by the other driver.

Motorcyclist at Fault

Sometimes motorcyclists take risks and engage in dangerous maneuvers. This can result in crashes, particularly on curvy roads where a small miscalculation can be deadly. Speed can be a factor for some drivers, as well. Sometimes riders attempt dangerous moves like passing cars in the same lane or driving between lanes. Liability for accidents resulting from these behaviors may fall squarely on the motorcyclist in Florida.

Other Drivers’ Negligence

More often than not, motorcyclists are the victims of drivers who simply did not see them. Frequently this is an issue when motorists attempt left-hand turns into an approaching motorcyclist, or when they change lanes with a motorcyclist in their blind spot. But just because it may be the motorist’s fault, it doesn’t mean they will suffer the greatest injuries. Sadly, motorcyclists tend to experience the most serious of injuries and the highest number of deaths, even when they were doing everything right.

After a Serious Accident

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, the legal team at Scoma Law Firm in Clermont will conduct an investigation and pursue justice for you. Contact our experienced attorneys today for a confidential consultation.


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