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Lane Departure Crashes in Florida


Florida’s Department of Transportation reports that lane departure crashes are a huge problem in the state, with a significant portion of Florida’s fatal car collisions involving a lane departure of one kind or another.

If you or a loved one was hurt in a crash that involved a lane departure, you will need to consult with an experienced car accident personal injury attorney in the Clermont area who can look into whether the other driver’s lane departure might be considered reckless or negligent and could mean he or she bears responsibility for compensating you for your damages related to your injuries and other losses.

What is a Lane Departure Crash?

A lane departure is one of the most severe types of vehicle collisions on Florida roadways. The term “lane departure” simply means a motorist veers off-course and strays dangerously from the traffic lane in which he or she is traveling.

Lane departure can take several forms, from veering slightly off-course to leaving the roadway altogether. The state’s strategic highway safety office reports that approximately 39 percent of traffic accident fatalities throughout the state of Florida are caused by unexpected lane departures.

There are several types of lane departure accidents, including running off the road, crossing the center line or median into the opposing or oncoming lane of traffic, sideswipe collisions, rollovers or overturns, head-on collisions, or striking a fixed object.

Lane Departure Crashes in Florida the Last Decade

Many reports have lane departure crashes declining since the year 2006, but this is due in part to the fact that shortly thereafter in 2008, the state’s official definition for lane-departure was changed to exclude intersection-related crashes and many types of crashes that are caused in part by certain driver errors.

Despite the change to Florida’s official definition, lane departure collisions remain a concern throughout the state, which has made efforts to reduce these types of crashes through better roadway engineering practices and driver education. While these are laudable goals, they do not help families who have fallen victim to lane departure crashes at the hands of negligent or reckless drivers.

Consult an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Florida

If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by a lane departure, one of our experienced car accident lawyer in Florida at the Scoma Law Firm can help you pursue a damage award to cover the many costs you may be facing, from medical bills and rehabilitation, to home nursing care and medication. If your loved one was killed in a lane departure crash, your Clermont car accident attorney can speak with you about whether a wrongful death action might be appropriate. A personal injury compensation award can also take into account any wages you have lost as a result of missed work, as well as the expected loss of future wages due to disability or a decreased capacity to work. Your personal injury damage award may even cover non-monetary losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma and mental anguish, and in some cases punitive damages. Courts assign punitive damages in some especially egregious cases in order to deter the negligent party from future bad actions.


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