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Hit and Run Accidents in Florida


If you have been hurt in a car accident and the driver who hit you leaves the scene of the accident without identifying him or herself, you will need to contact an experienced hit and run car accident attorney in Clermont.

Florida Hit and Run Accident Facts

Hit and run accidents in Florida are more common than many people realize, with roughly 92,000 hit and run collisions in 2015. While most hit and run accidents resulted only in property damage, more than 19,000 hit and runs resulted in injuries and 1,200 of those injuries were considered serious or severe bodily injury. More than 180 people were killed as the result of a hit and run accident in Florida last year, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Hit and Run Accidents and Florida Insurance Coverage

Florida requires that all motorists hold a personal injury protection (PIP) insurance policy, which protects motorists who are injured in car accidents. If you have been hurt in a car accident, your PIP policy will cover up to 80 percent of your medical costs, and 60 percent of your lost wages, with a maximum coverage of $10,000, after any deductible your policy may have.

PIP coverage applies regardless of which party caused the accident. In other words, your PIP policy will cover your expenses as outlined in your policy, even if it is established that your own negligent actions contributed to causing the collision.

Your uninsured motorist coverage will also come into play in the case of a hit and run collision.

Obtaining Medical Treatment

It is important that you seek immediate medical treatment following any car accident, especially a hit and run collision. Even if you feel fine, you should still visit your physician to get a check up and rule out any injuries that may not be readily apparent, since some car accident injuries take a while to surface.

Florida law also requires drivers to obtain medical treatment right away or risk losing or reducing the insurance coverage to which they are initially entitled. For instance, your PIP insurance allows a maximum coverage of up to $10,000, but only if you obtain the necessary medical evaluation within 14 days following your car accident. If you fail to seek treatment in time, your PIP coverage may be reduced to only $2500 – and may only apply to medical bills, not coverage for lost wages.

Consult an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

Because in a hit and run accident scenario you are typically unable to locate or do not know who hit you and caused your injuries, it is especially important to begin working with an experienced Clermont car accident attorney right away who can take steps to help you protect your rights.

A Clermont car accident attorney with the Scoma Law Firm can help you investigate to determine whether the motorist who hit you can be identified, using security camera footage, witness statements, partial license plate numbers, and other evidence.

If the motorist who engaged in hit and run cannot be held responsible, your hit and run accident lawyer can make sure that your own insurance company fulfills their uninsured motorist policy obligations to you.

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