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Fatal Car Accidents in Florida


So many different scenarios on Florida roadways can lead to motor vehicle accident fatalities. It helps to be aware of the type of accidents that can occur and their respective causes, so that motorists can attempt to avoid collisions and reduce risks. However, no amount of education or precautions can prevent all car accidents, especially since drivers cannot control the road conditions or the driving behavior of their fellow motorists.

If you have been involved in a car accident of any kind, one of our experienced Clermont car accident attorneys can help you protect your rights and pursue any compensation to which you may be entitled.

Top Types of Florida Fatal Car Accidents

Florida’s Department of Transportation tracks motor vehicle accident data. One study analyzed more than 2000 fatal car accidents in Florida and found that the most common types of fatal car accidents include run-off-the-road crashes (32 percent), intersection accidents (28 percent), crashes involving pedestrians (16 percent), and rear-end and sideswipe collisions (14 percent). Other common fatal crashes included head-on collisions, crossing the center line, running stop signs, and rollover crashes.

At-fault Driver Characteristics in Fatal Florida Crashes

Some drivers are more likely to be involved in serious or fatal car collisions than others, the Florida study concluded. Close to 40 percent of all at-fault drivers in Florida motor vehicle fatalities were found to be either younger drivers below the age of 25, or drivers older than 65, and nearly three-fourths of at-fault drivers were male.

Contributing Factors in Fatal Car Crashes

The transportation department survey found that human error caused nearly 95 percent of all crashes, and most common types of reckless behaviors included alcohol and drug impairment, driver error in judgment, inattention and distraction, and driving decision mistakes, such as so-called abrupt steering input, like overcorrection or evasive maneuvers or poorly-timed left turns at intersections.

The most common complicating or contributing external factors included weather and environmental conditions, roadway conditions, and vehicle defects, especially tire blowouts and poor or separating tire treads. Vehicle defects in particular can often be the result of failure to adequately keep up with necessary vehicle maintenance, which courts may view as negligent or reckless.

If any of the contributing factors were present with respect to other driver involved in your car accident, your car accident attorney in Clermont can seek to establish that the other driver’s reckless or negligent behavior makes him or her liable for the injuries you and your passengers sustained.

Consult an Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Clermont

If you were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in or around the Clermont area, one of the experienced car accident attorneys at the Scoma Law Firm can fight to get you the compensation you may need to pay your medical bills and other costs stemming from your accident.

The sooner your car accident attorney can begin investigating, the better, since he or she will want to look into whether any reckless or negligent driving behavior on the part of the other driver contributed to your accident and related injuries.


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